Free Virtual Ritual Gatherings: Re-Sourcing During Challenging Times

Gathering to build bridges of resiliency, we become resources of kindness and inspiration, we grow wisdom from the depths and make blood into medicine. Remembering the cycles, listening to the Bone Mother, calling on the holy powers and the ancient ones, letting the Earth rest and be restored, we take a moment out of habitual life. From the silence comes the song.

Check this page for updates before the gathering as instructions may change:

Gatherings will be around 60 minutes.

There will be elements of cleansing as well as resourcing. We will engage ritually supported prayer, meditation, and sound as a medium of transmission in the interest of being in alignment with the natural cycles. Participants need to be self-responsible and titrate the extent of their participation to meet their current needs and capacities.

Next Date TBA

We will be using the Zoom conferencing platform. Install Zoom on your device, and use the link below to access this particular session:

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