Soul and spirit healing practices include:

Essence Retrieval – When you feel like a part of you is missing or difficult to access, essence retrieval reconnects you with lost or diminished aspects of yourself.

Energy Body Clearing – When you feel blocked and unclear, or just for maintenance of health and clarity, energy body clearing and extraction helps remove non-self energies and makes more room for your essential self.

Psychopomp and Spirit Clearing – Any non-self energy in your field eventually becomes problematic. This is especially true when the non-self energies are other forms of consciousness like discarnate souls and spirits. The presence of discarnate spirits in your energy field can cause issues like physical illness, pain, emotional imbalance, and in more extreme cases lose of a sense of self. You may want to be checked for discarnate energies if you have experienced persistent issues that don’t respond as expected to appropriate therapies.

Soul Path Healing – When elements of your soul history including ancestry and parallel life connections are influencing your life experience in unhelpful ways, it can help to have the compassionate spirits intervene on your behalf.

Blessings and Reminders – All of these healing modalities include offerings from the compassionate spirits that remind you of your True Self.