Signing Up for A Gathering of Spirit

I am using an online class platform that enables web conferencing. To join the Gathering of Spirit “class”:

(1) Send an e-mail to livingvoicemedicine at (in standard format). Subject: GoS Sign Up. I will add you to the class list after which the program will send you an e-mail invitation to join the class via Instructure Canvas. Click the link to “see details”.

(2) You will be asked to create an account with Instructure. It’s just your name and e-mail and you can opt out of communications from them.

*Please do this by at least a day before your first conference, as I will need to invite “course participants” to join the conference, and only those enrolled will get that invitation and will be able to access the conference.*

I will keep your sign-up request active for a month, after which you would have to re-send your request to join.

Managing Your Profile and Joining a Conference

(3) After logging in, set your display name (the one that will be public to conference participants) in: Account – Settings – Edit Settings. Since the default may be your e-mail address, I recommend you check this before the first conference if you do not want your e-mail to be displayed to other participants.

(4) Look over the Announcements. There is an “Announcements” area for updated information and additional instructions. If you have a question, please check here as it may already be addressed.

(5) To join the conference go to the tab on the left to access “Courses”.
Choose “A Gathering of Spirits” and then go to the “Conferences” link. Join the conference listed at the time the conference is set to start, or once it’s indicated “in progress” as I usually open the conference early.

(6) Choose “Listen Only”. Once in the conference you should be able to hear me. There is a chat box section on the left for communication within the conference.

Conferences are recorded and saved for two weeks after the original session. Click on the name of the finished conference to access the recording. I am also putting copies up on my home page.

(7) To log out: Account – Log Out