Seiðr Initiation Intensive

October 17th – 21st, 2018
Registration Deadline: September 26th.

Participants will be introduced to the history, cosmology, and modern practice of seiðr – an ancient oracular trance-mediumship practice from the Germanic/Norse regions of Europe. In particular we will approach seiðr from a mystical standpoint – that of engaging and exploring aspects of universal spirit presented through a Nordic framework. This intensive, like all my offerings, is open to people of all backgrounds.

Participants will take initiatory journeys to Yggdrasil and the most compassionate aspects of Freya, Hella, Odin, and the Norns, and will be initiated into High Seat practice. We will explore the use of the staff as a medicine ally, song as a trance-journey method, and how to apply seiðr practice in service to our communities. Initiates will be able to incorporate seiðr methods into existing spiritual practices and, potentially, serve as practitioners on community High Seats. Additional practices include galðr and sitting out (útiseta).

As part of this initiation we will cover some essential elements of trance-mediumship. Mediumship is a practice of merging with other forms of consciousness, in this case the most compassionate aspects of the deities of seiðr and the ancestral Völur (staff-carrying seers). We will practice conscious, consent-driven mediumship. Practitioners will be expected to maintain personal sovereignty and accountability at all times.

Prerequisites: This is not a course for those new to spiritual practice. Participants should have proficiency with entering altered states of consciousness (journey methods, active dreaming, ceremony, meditation, etc.) and spiritual protection practices. Participants must also have a strong connection to their core self and be in good mental health. Participants should have at least one well ancestral lineage complete (specifically through Daniel Foor’s method, see the ancestral lineage healing page on my website). Having at least one lineage fully well will provide participants with increased anchoring skills, protection, and energy field clarity essential for mediumship practice. It will also enable participants to receive personalized information from their ancestors as these initiations bring forward remembrances of ancient templates. We will be connecting with the well and wise ancestors (from any nationality) in session to ask for their support and contributions.

If you’re interested in this intensive and don’t have the prerequisites, or aren’t sure if you qualify for this one, you can email me for assessment and suggestions for how to prepare.

Retreat Schedule:
Wednesday night – 7:00pm – 8:45pm
Thursday through Sunday – 9:30am – 5:30pm, with a possible additional evening session TBD

Location: Grants Pass, Oregon (Current location has two cats.)

Class Size: 12 participants

Rate: $450
Food, transportation, and lodging are not included.

I can facilitate communication with people who may want to share a hotel room or vacation rental; there are some very inexpensive vacation rentals in the area.

To register:

The registration deadline is September 26th.

1. Fill out a Seiðr Initiation Intensive Application.
2. Once you have received a reply, schedule a free 30 minute interview session.
3. If your application is accepted, send a $100 deposit to reserve your spot. Deposits are non-refundable after September 1, 2018. The remainder will be due at the retreat – cash or check appreciated.

Questions? Contact Maris