On-line Courses


Gather at the Well: Foundations of Norse Ritual Animism

Earth, Ancestors, and the All-Soul

In this three-part on-line class, participants will explore relationships with the living world of the ancestors, the Earth, and Norse ancestral powers while developing foundational ritual skills. These ritual skills enable participants to engage in animism as a part of everyday life and can be applied to any animism-based practice. We will also explore aspects of Old Norse cosmology and mythology from the perspective of a pantheistic, universally-relevant wisdom tradition that speaks to the initiation of the soul into self-knowledge.

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Language, Myth, and Magic in Medieval Norse and Early Germanic Sources

Five on-line classes to get you started in the exploration of Old Norse and Germanic spiritual sources. In these classes we look at the sources of Old Norse mythology and how they present topics such as galðr, seiðr, dreaming, and prophesy.

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