Seiðr (pronounced “SAY-ther” in Reconstruced Old Norse), is a Northern-European mediumistic-trance practice that is being revitalized by modern shamanic communities.  Modern seiðr practice is not a recreation of the past, but is rather a way to tap into the same forces that informed the past in order to bring medicine into the present-day world. This form of seiðr is one of alignment with the highest good and connection with only the most compassionate aspects of spirit.

The vision of Hjarta is to provide training in the practice of seiðr, to bring healing and connection to the ancestral lineages associated with seiðr, and to support the formation of seiðr communities that in turn serve their local communities. This is a diverse and inclusive community and people of all backgrounds, nationalities, skin tones, and ancestry are welcome. We are LGBTQ+ positive. We do not tolerate racist or nationalistic agendas.

Practitioners who wish to become hubs of seiðr practice for a community can sponsor initiation intensives for their communities, or can attend an initiation intensive given by Maris in Southern Oregon. Please contact Maris for more information.

Those new to the path can attend the basic training class, or can find other means of acquiring training in shamanic or trance-medium practices and then take the initiation intensive. At least one year of training is required before taking a Seiðr Initiation Intensive. Please note that the Seiðr Foundational class is currently on hiatus. Sign up for the newsletter (right side-bar) to receive updates on class offerings.

For more on seiðr, I’ve written a brief blog post on the subject, and offer a more detailed on-line class.

Testimonials from the Women of Wisdom Conference High Seat:

“Wow – so powerful. Every woman should be here.”

“I love getting this information. I had no idea we have these traditions in my ancestry.  I’m so grateful for this knowledge and feel so enriched! Thank you for your service!”

“It was a sacred, magical, and powerful space. I loved this!”

“Powerful work – an example of the magical oracular work that is re-emerging.”

“This was a tremendously moving experience. These women are very skillful and powerful, and you should have them back.”

In response to what was the strengths of the workshop: “The knowledge, love, and caring of the presenter and the Völvas.”

“Extremely well crafted.”