Foundations of Old Norse Mysticism & Ritual Animism

Earth, Ancestors, and the All-Soul

In this three-part on-line class, participants will explore relationships with the living world of the ancestors, the Earth, and Norse ancestral powers while developing foundational ritual skills. These ritual skills enable participants to engage in animism as a part of everyday life and can be applied to any animism-based practice. We will also explore aspects of Old Norse cosmology and mythology from the perspective of a pantheistic, universally-relevant wisdom tradition that speaks to the initiation of the soul into self-knowledge.

Each part includes five class meetings and four private ancestral lineage healing sessions with Maris. Part 1 focuses on ancestral lineage healing and foundational ritual skills. Participants will meet their wise and well ancestors and learn foundational ritual skills for developing a personal animism-based practice. These skills will be reinforced throughout Parts 2 and 3. In Part 2 we will explore relationships with the Earth, land spirits, and natural powers as presented in accounts of early Germanic cultures and medieval Norse literature. In Part 3 we look to the inner powers of soul, consciousness, and the awakened fate as presented in Old Norse literature.

This work is offered in the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness. While this class may be particularly appealing to those with Norse ancestry, it can also be relevant to people with other Germanic ancestry (English, Dutch, German) and those who are just drawn to Norse mythology, cosmology, and history. Participants of all cultural backgrounds are welcome.

Part 1: Ancestral Relations & Foundational Ritual Skills

Next Dates TBD

Class 1: Introduction to Ancestral Lineage Healing and Animism

Class 2:  Establishing Sacred Space and Ritual Containment- Hof, Hǫrgr, and Vé

Class 3:  Liminal State Communication – Intuition, Instinct, and the Clairsenses

Class 4:  Working with Inspired Speech and Intention – Óðr and Hugr

Class 5:  Old Norse Representations of Ancestors and the Afterlife

Part 2:  The Ancestral Earth and Natural Powers

Next Dates TBD

In this series participants will develop relationships with the Earth, land spirits, and other natural powers. Participants will explore topics such as Earth Veneration, the Ancestral Earth Mothers, Land Spirits, Jötun, and The World Tree. We will look at how these powers are represented in Old Norse literature and accounts of early Germanic culture and how we may be in relationship with them today.

Part 3: Cosmology, Immanence, and the All-Soul

Next Dates TBD

In Part 3 we will explore Old Norse cosmology as a wisdom tradition that speaks to the initiation of the soul into self-knowledge. Participants will explore topics such as Pantheistic Cosmology, Óðinn: The Knowledge-Seeking Spirit, Freya: The Sovereign Soul, and The Awakened or Sleeping Fate. We will look at how these powers are represented in Old Norse literature and how we may be in relationship with them today.

On-line classes will use the Zoom conferencing platform, accessible from computers, tablets, or phones. Live participation and engagement is requested. Classes will be recorded and archived for those who can’t make a live class. Classes will include a lecture portion of variable length followed by an open Q&A.

Class limit: 20

Minimum Enrollment: 10

Rate: Each part is $375. This rate includes five classes and four private 60-minute sessions. Payment is due at registration. A discount of $125 is offered for those who pay for all three parts up-front: $1000. Fees are non-refundable or transferable after the registration deadline for each section.

There are two sliding scale positions at the rate of $200/part. Because these positions are limited, there is a financial disclosure form to submit for consideration.

For those who have four well primary lineages as assessed in Daniel Foor’s ancestral healing method there is a classes-only option. Contact me to register.

Recommended Resources:

Ancestral Medicine by Daniel Foor

Seed of Yggdrasill by Maria Kvilhaug

Private Appointments

It is somewhat complicated to integrate a class with private sessions so please bear with my detailed instructions below and contact me if you want clarification about the process.

Scheduling Sessions:

Part 1:

1st appointment – 90 minutes. Those who have already started ancestral healing work can do a 60-minute session instead.

2nd appointment – 60 minutes. For those new to the process it is often advisable to do this within a week of the first session if you didn’t get to make contact with an ancestral guide during the first session.

All subsequent appointments are 60 minutes at approximately two-week intervals.

Parts 2 & 3:

All appointments are 60 minutes at approximately two-week intervals.

*Before registering, check my on-line scheduler and make sure you can work within my posted hours. I recommend that you schedule all four sessions in advance so everyone can determine availability and register accordingly. If you’re having trouble with the scheduling, contact me to see if other time options can be made available. In order to fit everyone into the schedule, I may be contacting participants and asking for slight shifts in appointment times when possible; no worries if your schedule isn’t flexible.

As these classes build on the foundation of ancestral connection and support, it is requested that the private sessions be done in the time frame indicated.  Any undone sessions are forfeit a month after the end of each part; they do not transfer to other parts. Doing more sessions is always an option though they are not included in the class rate.

Questions? E-mail Maris at


1. Fill out the Registration Form (only for Part 1)

2. Send payment for the part attending.

*Please remember to check my on-line scheduler to make sure you can schedule appointments within my practice hours.

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