Gather at the Well: Norse Ritual Animism

Weaving History, Myth, and Magic

Prerequisites: Foundational Ritual Skills and Ancestral Healing or the equivalent in ritual skills and ancestral healing session work (at least one well lineage). Participants should know how to access intuitive perception and create ritual boundaries.

Next Offered: January 2020

Gather at the Well is an experiential and didactic series of live, on-line classes designed to help you create meaningful relationships with the Norse ritual powers and develop animist ritual practices using Norse cosmological templates. The goal of this work is to be informed by the past while fostering current relationships and ritual practices that are of benefit to the Earth at this time.

Through this course, participants will develop the following ritual skills: relations with the land and ancestral Earth, staff work, dream work, the seiðr staff-journey method, trance-mediumship perception and transmission, sitting out (útiseta), rune work, galðr (sound and song), and the use of Old Norse for ritual invocation.

We will also be developing self-sovereign relationships with only the most compassionate/helpful aspects of the Norse powers: Yggdrasill, the Norns, the Wells of Origin, Memory, and Creation, Freya, Jotun, Valkyries, Odin, Thor, Heimdall, Hella, to name a few.

Class time will emphasize experiential processes and current perceptions of these living powers. Between classes and over breaks, participants will receive supplemental material and do self-study on topics of myth, history, and pre-Christian practices. Historic information from early Germanic and medieval Norse times will be woven in but the intent of the class will not be recreationist.

This work is offered in the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness. Participants do not need to identify with any particular ancestral, cultural, or spiritual affiliation. While this class may be particularly appealing to those with Norse ancestry, it can also be relevant to people with other Germanic ancestry (English, Dutch, German), those who have a soul affinity for this content, and those who are just drawn to Norse mythology, cosmology, and history. Participants of all ancestral backgrounds are welcome. We are LGBTQ+ positive.

On-line classes will use the Zoom conferencing platform, accessible from computers, tablets, or phones. This is an live, experiential class. Technology permitting – classes will be recorded and archived but recordings are not guaranteed and are not substitutes for regular attendance.

Rate: Tuition for the course is three payments of $300. There are no refunds for missed classes.

Class Limit: 20

Required Texts:

Seed of Yggdrasill by Maria Kvilhaug (available on Kindle, a new print edition is pending)

Gods and Myths of Northern Europe by H.R. Ellis Davidson

Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe by H.R. Ellis Davidson

Optional (PDF excerpts will be provided):

Rudiments of Runelore by Stephen Pollington

The Road to Hel by H.R. Ellis Davidson

The Poetic Edda tr. Jackson Crawford

The Prose Edda, Penguin Classic

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To Apply:

Step 1: Read Community Agreements

Step 2: Fill out the application.

Step 3: If approved, submit your first tuition payment. Links below.