*I am only doing remote sessions at this time. The work is the same whether done remotely or in-person.*

Remote sessions are done via Zoom. Please download Zoom before our scheduled meeting time. I will send you a link via e-mail the day before your appointment that connects you directly to the session.

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Contact: livingvoicemedicine at gmail.com (in standard format)

New Clients: Please submit a New Client Questionnaire prior to scheduling.

Consultation: If you would like to have a talk about these methods as they may apply to your specific experiences I offer free 20-minute consultations in which I answer questions and offer my recommendations for your healing process. During this talk we can both assess whether we are a good match for working together. If for any reason we are not a good match at the time, I will make recommendations for referrals or alternative forms of healing work.  Please fill out the New Client Questionnaire in advance of your appointment so we can spend the time in discussion.

These appointments are free but will require a $40 deposit that will be refunded after the session takes place. The deposit will not be refunded if the appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Ancestral Lineage Healing: This is a multi-session process. Not all sessions need to be with a practitioner; once clients are familiar with the process they can do their own sessions at home and use facilitation as needed. The first two or three sessions typically cover doing an assessment of your lineages, choosing which one to start with, establishing a connection with your well lineage guide on that line, and starting the healing process. For this reason, clients may consider scheduling at least the first two sessions close together.

It can take a few sessions to get going in this method. The minimum recommendation is that you do three sessions, but if you really want to make progress in this realm I recommend committing to four months of work with at least two appointments per month. For many people, getting their four primary lineages well can take nine months to a year if they do regular sessions and have an average amount of trouble on their lines.

First session is 90-minutes if you are new to this specific method. Subsequent sessions are 60-90 minutes.

Rates:  $85/1 hour or $130/1.5 hours

I want to make this work accessible to broad demographics. If you want to do this work and will have difficulty paying this rate due to financial hardship contact me about the possibility of negotiating lower rates. Please only make this request if you don’t have disposable income, not if you have it but are spending it elsewhere.

If you want to do this process but I am not the demographic you prefer to work with, a directory of certified practitioners can be found here: https://ancestralmedicine.org/practitioner-directory/

Remote Healing (limited availability): I offer remote healing sessions to clients who are doing ancestral lineage healing, students enrolled in one of my longer-term classes, and colleagues. Remote healing is directed by the compassionate spirits and can involve essence retrieval, extraction, spirit release, and energy system work. You must be in stable mental health and not in crisis to do healing sessions.

Rate: $150/1.5 hours, $200/2 hours

If this is your first time doing this kind of work with me, please fill out the New Client Questionnaire prior to scheduling. I will then contact you about scheduling.