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Maris (mare-is) Orelia Bergrune is an animist spirit-healer and oracular medium. Her known ancestors come from  Switzerland, Germany, Holland, England, Wales, and various parts of the US with additional genetic connections to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Italy.

As an undergraduate and graduate student Maris studied neurobiology, and was planning on becoming a college professor before life took a turn and she became a healer and teacher instead. Maris has been in practice since 2005 and specializes in ancestral healing, oracular mediumship, psychopomp (soul guide) work, and compassionate death. Her practice is characterized by the intention to work only with the most compassionate aspects of spirit for the benefit of all sentient beings.

In 2013 Maris co-founded Seattle Seiðr – an organization that offers training and public ceremony in seiðr, a spirit practice indigenous to Northern Europe. After moving to Oregon, Maris founded a new seiðr organization called Hjarta and is focusing on seeding seiðr communities in locations that can support seiðr ritual.

Maris has a self-published book of short stories called In the Beginning, and a book of poetry called A Song to Help Me Rise. She is also a musician and singer.

About Living Voice Medicine

The living voice is the expression of connection – connection to your own soul nature, connection to the spark of inspiration and creative flow, connection to the world and all of its occupants as sentient beings, connection to love, true power, and deep abiding joy. Whatever arises from the living voice, it any form, serves as a beacon for others to find the living voice themselves.

In this practice, the living voice is realized in connection with the ancestors. It is realized in the expression of our unique gifts for the world. It is realized as we learn how to foster good relations with the sentient world – both our human and other-than-human relations. And it is realized through grace and inspiration from compassionate Spirit – with an emphasis on Nordic aspects of Spirit and our Mighty Dead.

Formal Education & Training

Oberlin College (1996), BA with High Honors in Neuroscience.

University of Washington (2001), MS Neurobiology and Behavior. Research in acoustic neurophysiology and evolutionary biology. Two publications in the Journal of Comparative Neuroanatomy.

Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine (2005), MAcOM.

Since 2004, training in vocal technique, soul-healing practices, mediumship, sound healing, compassionate depossession, and curse unraveling. Much gratitude to my teachers Betsy Bergstrom, Tom Kenyon, Michael Meade, Sarah Bicknell, Daniel Foor, and Awilda Verdejo.