Connecting to the Living Voice of the Ancestors and the Animist World

Ancestral Healing

Old Norse-Based Ritual & Animist Practices

Living Voice Mentoring & Music

Elevate Your Ancestral Roots

Ancestral lineage healing is a potent process of healing and vitalization for our ancestral lineages, and by extension ourselves. It draws on the power of the healthy ancestors to do the work of lineage healing so that we can receive the blessings and gifts of our lineages and meet our challenges with resiliency.

The lineage repair process will get you in touch with your own helpful ancestors who can offer guidance to you directly. It can elucidate your life calling and give you a sense of belonging. Healthy ancestral lines also give you resiliency and support in the face of larger cultural issues.

Explore Norse Animist Practices with the Guidance of Your Wise and Well Ancestors

Learn about animist practices developed from Northern European traditions of seers and wisdom keepers. In particular I offer training in the Norse/Germanic practices of seiðr and galðr, and community development for those who wish to support seiðr communities in their area.

For those not interested in becoming practitioners of seiðr, I also offer courses based in Norse/Germanic animism as a framework for relating in the modern world.

*All work with spirits is done with the intention of maintaining and developing full personal sovereignty and accountability. We work only with the most compassionate aspects of spirit.* Getting well with your ancestors, whether they are Northern European or not, is the foundation for starting this kind of practice.

This is an inclusive and diverse community open to people of any ancestry. Some people will be called through ancestry, some through soul-affinity. Its aim is to foster healthy appreciation for all of our cultural roots so we can do better for ourselves, our communities, and the Earth. We are LGBTQ+ positive.

Living Voice Mentoring

Your “voice” includes your speaking and singing voice as well as your metaphorical voice in the world.

Your voice in the world is the expression of your life dream and the unique creative expression that arises from it.

The first step in the mentoring process is doing your ancestral lineage healing. No one knows you as well as your ancestors. They will provide insights as to what your specific gifts are and how to go about realizing them in a way that is tailored entirely to you. Doing your ancestral lineage healing can also clear creative and voice blocks and give you the support and confidence you may need to be comfortable expressing your voice in the world.